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Starbound Admin Login

Posted by Braley Adelisa on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 04:58:57

ive love starbound but since ive completed it once when ever i play now i just get too tempted to use admin commands, and so i do. i dont want to but i keep doing it well because its there. is there anyway to disable admin commands on singleplayer so i can play properly again?

/spawnitem is an admin command that spawns all items in the Starbound Universe (Items, Weapons, Guns, Armor, etc). You can now use this command as the Universal Spawner for all your item needs. In addition to this, the command will take paramters for items you wish to spawn. Each item type requires different parameters, which are later stored in your player profile rather than the game's

Multiple users can log into the same account, so if you want a simple server password, you can create an account named e.g. 'guest' with the shared non-admin password. In order to enforce login for all users, you'll also need to set allowAnonymousConnections to false in your server's starbound

Server Help Starbound 1.3 self admin How do I self admin in starbound 1.3 on my server, /admin command does not work because I have insufficient privileges Thread by: SummonedKnight , Jun 12, 2017 , 6 replies, in forum: Multiplayer

Wooden Log is a basic natural material found when harvesting most trees.. When placed without connecting to another block it shows the end of the log facing the player. However, when placed adjacent to another block all of the log blocks position themselves sideways.

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