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New Registration Form TREI-01

Orbund Server 8

Posted by Briand Alita on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 04:26:05

Newton System Login. Username: Password: Role

Our new online application process allows you to save and continue working on your application, upload documents, and submit once you're done. Don't hesitate to call the office at 850.484.1185, stop by, or email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have. We are here to help. The application submission deadline is September 29

If you do not have these documents ready, you can submit them later in your application process. Click "Affidavit" at the bottom of the Student Application Process page to download the financial support affidavit form.

I certify that all information contained in this application is true, complete, and correct. If accepted for enrollment at Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, I agree to comply with all of the rules and regulations of Commonwealth Institute and agree to hold Commonwealth Institute and their agents harmless from enforcing Commonwealth Institute's rules, regulations and policies.

8"Graduates Employed in the Field" means graduates who are gainfully employed in a single position for which the institution represents the program prepares it graduates within six months after a student completes the applicable educational program.

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