Login And Say That To My Face

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Login And Say That To My Face

Posted by Bovee Adela on Monday, 17 February, 2020 10:57:46

Log in and say that to my face cunt - #191130414 added by merrrione at fs

To say it to your face means that he tells you, instead of spreading sh*t about you behind your back. It doesn't have to be straight to your face, but you have to hear it from him directally, not

My facebook got hacked, and I try to log in to my facebook account. When I log it to my facebook account, it asks me to enter my security code. When it sends the security code for me, I enter it, and it says "You have attempted too many code entries recently. Please try again later." So, I just want to know what is going on, and how to I regain

say (something) to (one's) face To say something directly to one, especially when it is something critical, derogatory, inflammatory, or otherwise negative. A: "Tom's been telling people around the office that you've been slacking lately." B: "If that's the way he feels, why doesn't he come say that to

That thing you just said would you say that to my face? Would you just drop that link, that GIF, that meme into a personal discussion, like all you need to persuade a fellow adult is a sarcastic five-word comment overlaying a Vin Diesel pic? Would you ever pass by a perfect stranger, overhear their…

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